An egg-cellent time to join a river trip!

We are all very excited that the Easter Bunny will be laying its chocolate eggs on the Vintage Broadsman this bank holiday weekend.  It’s all part of our Easter Special boat trips running from Good Friday until Easter Monday – which include a free chocolate egg for every child plus lots of fun to keep the kids entertained including a special nature quiz and colouring competitions.
Now is also an egg-cellent time  to be out on the river as we hope to spot all kinds of wonderful wildlife.

One of our swans has started nesting on Wroxham island and others are puffing themselves up and competing for territory.

The first ducklings and greylag goslings are being hatched in Woroxham village and look adorable following mum.

There are also lots of Greylag and Canadian geese nesting on Wroxham Island.   Being cut off from the mainland, the island offers a great place to protect the geeses’ eggs from ground predators.

One of our favourite spots is a nesting greylag goose who has been incubating its eggs at the base of a tree on Salhouse Broad.  The goose is really well camouflaged – but we can show you where to find it!

Perhaps the most magical bird to watch at this time of year is the Great Crested Grebe.  The grebes are doing their ‘mirror dance’ to find a mate – where they copy each other’s movements facing one another.

The first of the grebe couples have now built a floating nest along the edge of Salhouse Broad.  The female has laid her eggs on the raft and will remain on them for the next month until they hatch (with the male feeding the female and adding to the nest throughout the month).

When the eggs finally hatch the female will carry her little greblets around on her back as they are too small to go straight into the water.  Perhaps the cutest sight of the spring!

Did you know that the Great Crested Grebes need to build a floating nest for their eggs because they are related to a Penguin?
Like a Penguin, Great Crested Grebes’ feet are located on the back of their body.  This makes them excellent divers under water but useless at walking on the land.  As a result Great Crested Grebes rarely come to land, preferring to lay their eggs on floating raft!


The Easter Special Trips run from Friday 19th April to Monday 22nd 2019

At 11:30am and 2pm both for 1.5 hours 

Adults are £9.50 and children are £6.00, with children under 5 going free