Broads Educational Discovery Trips

Broads Tours have been introducing the Broads, Britain’s Magical Waterland to school children for many years. These fun educational trips can be tailored to fit in with the curriculum being studied by individual schools. 

We offer trips that can be arranged around your requirements and current guidelines. The 1 ½ hour trips will offer a return trip to Wroxham and Salhouse Broad, discussing topics such as Broads Tourism and conservation. We do also offer a longer, more in-depth 2 ½ hour option which incorporates time ashore at Hoveton Great Broad Nature Trail. 

We are able to offer a late Spring/early summer cruise in the months of May and June, taking in the ever changing Spring flora and fauna, as well as the emergence of young and rare wildlife. We can also cater for a late summer cruise during September as the landscape transitions into the autumn bloom and the chance to spot rare migrating wildlife. 

All trips include a Broads Tours Representative to discuss the Broads. Recommended group size is 25-30, however up to 60 people can be accommodated on our double decker boat the Belle of the Broads (Please note: Groups may be required to split up into smaller numbers for Hoveton Great Broad Nature Trail Visits).

If your school would be interested in one of our trips, please fill in the booking request form. 

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