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Curriculum requirements

Details on the topics we are able to cover can be found here. All of the topics mentioned below can be tailored to your specific needs during the trip, depending on topics and ages/key stages of children on board.

Local geography and landscape - of the Broads, wider catchments of river valleys, land neighbouring the rivers, seasons

Human geography - uses of the area, lives and activities of local populations and impacts on the local natural environment

Local history, creation of the Broads through peat extraction through several centuries

Local people - scientists, conservationists in particular

Habitats - wetlands including the open water of rivers and Broads, woodlands, reedbeds

Lifecycles of birds, mammals, insects, fungi and plants

Food chains and food webs

Succession processes

Peat beneath the Broads - storage of carbon

Impacts of climate change locally on people, the landscape and the other species in the Broads

Stories about tourism, myths and legends of the Broads, discussing and describing sights, textures, smells, colours and sounds of places and species

All of the above topics can be tailored to your specific needs during the trip, depending on topics and ages/key stages of children on board.

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