Safety on the Broads

Ensure your trip on The Norfolk Broads is a safe one

The Broads is a great place to take to the water for the first time in a variety of boats, but before setting off on your first voyage, there are a few things you need to know and think about. Please take care of yourself, your passengers, others on the waterways, the wildlife and the fragile world of the Norfolk Broads.

Broads Do's

• Wear the freely provided Bouyancy aids
• Ensure you understand the craft controls before you leave
• Keep passengers in the seating area whilst underway
• Ensure the craft is securely moored before boarding
• Drive on the right and obey the speed limit
• Give way to sailing craft and passenger boats
• Check the location of fire extinguishers and understand how they operate
• Call our office on 01603 782207 if you have any problem

Broads Dont's

• Jump on or off the boat, wait until it has stopped and then step off
• Ride on the front deck whilst the craft is underway
• Let ropes trail in the water as they may get caught in the propeller
• Tamper with the engine, even if you have a problem
• Swim from the boat, the water is not safe for swimming
• Return late, the boatyard staff are waiting for your safe return
• Drink and Drive, alcohol has contributed to several Broads accidents

Broads Speed Limits

Speed Limits

You must not go over the speed limits, and remember, if your boat is going with the tide your speed will be faster than indicated. As a guide, 4 mph is a fast walking pace.

Fishing on the Norfolk Broads

Fishing on the Broads

Please be aware that fishing is not permitted when boats are underway. The coarse fishing open season is between 16th June – 14th March. You need a license to be able to fish between these dates. Fishing outside of these dates is not permitted. Please download the Broads Authority leaflet below for some very useful fishing information.

Broads Fishing
Broads Authority Safety Advice

Broads Authority Safety Advice

Broads Authority navigation rangers enforce the byelaws and provide help and information to boaters. For further safety advice from the Broads Authority please download their leaflet below.

Safety on The Broads